Gaven - J. C. Owens I like this story. We are introduced to a hurt Gaven who has been raised as a peasant almost and finds out he is more than that. He was destined for than just the pittance his lord gave him. He learns his entire life was a lie at the tender age of seventeen. He finds out the tribe/group/Masarians, the enemies he was told to despise is actually his people. And get this, he's the son of their warlord, Gareth! Vlar, the second in command who scares Gaven also wants to...mate with him too, become his lover, master, teacher. But Gaven has been raised that man/man love was wrong and con not wrap his head around it. He fights what his father's soldiers tell him and almost gets raped because of his folly. We (the readers) get some paranormal aspects to this story as well as a few different genre elements which made for a solid read.But...Here's one of my pet peeves that I found in the story...Gaven has blues eyes. It's one of the main identifiers for him since his daddy, Gareth has blue eyes too. The author establishes this from the get go. Then somewhere in the book the father's eyes change to being green and then it's back to blue later on in the story.Sigh.It's a pet peeve of mine because it makes me feel the author forgets characteristics of their own characters. But I'm getting sidetracked - I enjoyed the fantastical, historical edge J.C. Owen created. I liked the world the author introduced me too. i will read the next books in this series because I am intrigued with Vlar and want to know more about his kind...& Gaven too.