Just in Time - E.E. Montgomery A Hearts On Fire Review*sigh*"Just in Time" is the third book from E.E. Montgomery's Just Life series. In it, we meet Mark, a silver haired and looking for love. He's been burned by his last relationship fifteen years ago and is still hung up on the one that did him wrong, Cole. Mark's a jewelry designer who's been been stolen from, apparently abused and cheated on. He just wants his happily ever after.Sadly, I am unsure if Mark actually got it because this was not really a romance nor a mystery. (re-checks blurb to verify- hmm, it implies some sort of romance between Liam and Mark) I am a little confused as to what I just read.Dr. Liam comes into Mark's jewelry store requesting a commitment ring design his ex-lover stole from him. Why did he request this? What was the purpose? We never learn why and reflecting on the story...I don't really care to find out.The suspense? Dull and made no sense. If Mark allowed himself to be a doormat for four years when he was with Cole and then a sheep for fifteen years, the questions about his jewelry designs didn't bother him enough to find out about it. So if he didn't care, why I beg should I?The romance? Disappointing - seriously a handjob and some head does not a relationship make. The two times Liam and Mark got together were just sad. Both times Liam hightailed it out there without a goodbye or thank-you. One-night stands might get a little more affection than that. It was a booty call pretty much. Poor TSTL Mark just took whatever scraps Liam dished out. Pathetic.The ending? WTF?! I think it's HFN. Maybe it was implied, maybe it was just a precursor to Liam doing another 'nut and dash'. But as I already stated, if Mark will take that crap, why should I care?Will I read more from this series? Nope.The author? Maybe...it was my first time reading their work, maybe it was a fluke. The writing was not bad it was not exciting nor interesting but I did like the touches of realism added here and there.*sigh*