Hunger - Amanda Young My first Amanda Young story and I'm (I always have trepidation when really liking a new-to-me author)I love rent boy fiction. The romantic angle always intrigues me. And "Hunger" book #1 of the Chicken Ranch series did not disappoint. 18 year old Declan Mayo has been kicked out of his home for being gay. He's homeless, starving and doesn't have many options. Joining the all male brothel, the Chicken Ranch, was his last resort. He might have forgot to mention he was a virgin but it doesn't matter right?His first client is stuttering, geeky, loner Killian who is 30, lonely and okay with not having a partner. A friend suggests visiting the Chicken Ranch which he does. The story is evenly paced through out the end. It should not be shelved as porn. The plot's good, the main characters even better. Even the secondary characters added to the story. There's sex but it is well written that could totally picture each action. Plus, this story more than sex. Surprised? Killian was my favorite character of the book. He was sweet without being mushy. His reactions and reasoning were sound. Love between an 18 and 30 year old? It can happen. And these two were deserving of one another, plus there was time for their love to build.Thank you for Killian's introspection around 85% because I was seriously was wondering if he really did not have an issue with his boyfriend working as a prostitute after months of dating. It takes someone with bigger balls than me(and I don't even have any) to be able to sort of be okay with it.On one hand there's a lover's jealousy with their partner having sex with others. (obviously open relationships are not included) And on the other hand Declan has a job and he shouldn't give it up just because he has a potential mate. *shrugs* It's up for debate. But I appreciated it. A believable HEA Yes, Declan does retire from prostitution in the future! does happen. :)I'm actually reviewing the next book of this series but I wanted to familiarize myself with the author. Happy I did. It looks like it might be a possible beautiful reading relationship.