The Claim - Billy London Dear [b:The Claim|13644070|The Claim (Italian Knights, #3)|Billy London||19260018],I loved your predecessors, [b:Windows|12368523|Windows (Italian Knights, #1)|Billy London||17348788] and [b:On Caristo's Watch|12368569|On Caristo's Watch (Italian Knights, #2)|Billy London||17348834] (which featured one of my favorite heroes of all time - Tony Caristo. That's saying a lot in comparison to all of the books I've read) The first two books in your Italian Knights series were sexy, funny and most importantly featured some kick ass main characters. Nick & Gina? They were a rip. Their long time love was believable. Tony and Lydia? Just thinking of the two of them brings a big smile to my face. Love the series, loved the author.But Rocco and Anna? WTF?! Their story was- what was that? I was looking forward to reading this book because Rocco was a favorite secondary character of mine, always in the wings, saving the fellas, looking partially devious. I knew he would have to have a great back story. Or so I thought. :(He missed his mark. Please don't give me any excuses, darling. He had no depth. But I still liked him better than Anna. She was a bitch. What? Oh you think because she got a puppy at the end, it softened her up? I could care less. She came across as confused and shrewish. I have to say it. Don't look at me that way.The story felt rushed. Don't give me any lip, Dear. It was sadly. The jokes were missing from the beginning half. The only time we got see Tony and Nick were in this unnecessary scene.Huh? You forgot you were supposed to be a book about a mafia and you wanted to just stick in a bit of crime somewhere? Well too little too late, Babes. (The Tony, Nick, Beppe & Rocco scene was the best you had to offer, I wished there were more but we both know it's lacking, hmmm?)Don't apologize or pout, you are what you are. But Honey, your lacking. From the character development, to the weird just didn't hit those high notes like you used to in the beginning of this series. You remember your sweet spots, yes?What happened, Babes? Anna was as loving as a cold fish. Is that the best heroine for Rocco? She was flat, Hun. But then again so were you.But cheer up. I plan to read the next book in your series. And apparently it's with new characters...let's hope for our sakes this was a one time flop, okay?Don't pout. I'm rating you 2.5 but I'll round up, alright? Let's just pretend this didn't happen. Do you want a hug? No? Better luck next time, SheReadsALot