Recession - Amanda Young A Hearts On Fire Review4.25 STARS--"Recession", book #2 in Amanda Young's Chicken Ranch series. To summarize the series in a few words, it is about an all male brothel named Chicken Ranch. Each book features on of the rent boy's, their story, how they got into the business and surprisingly how they get out of it. The main focus is not on the brothel but the real life issues going on in the temporary rent boy's life and how it is resolved. And a HEA too.Of course.Garrett is 24, an out of work construction worker and parenting his orphaned 16 year brother, Vaughn. His life is tough and he's trying to make ends meet. But bills still need to be paid and any odd job he can find is not enough steady income. So when he meets an old school friend, he's persuaded to join the Chicken Ranch. (You can read this story as a standalone but I'd suggest reading book #1 first to get a little more back story to the brothel and two of their permanent male prostitutes - Grey & Ricky)Months into his weekend rent boy job, fate steps in again. this time in the form of Garrett's first love, the well-to-do Miller. Miller's back in the rural Virginia town for his grandmother's funeral. But he was shocked to discover what his ex is doing as a profession and offers him a legal career working for him.Sounds like a good set up, hmm? It's a hard-knock life meets opposites attract meets second chances angst-light goodness. Surprisingly no kink (well there were these two brief exhibitionist scenes but it was not written with too much detail) but the right amount of hot sex. And there's an actual plot with real life problems (yes they are solved but the story on how it came to be was worth it, IMO)Having read both books in the series, I must say that the author has returned with slightly sharper focus and more detail on the main characters. I wanted to strangle Vaughn, Garrett's little brother sometimes. Ugh, he was such a teen. My complaint with he and Garrett's relationship was that I wish Garrett would have let his brother have some sort of responsibility I.E. get a part time job. He could have been more understanding to his brother's hardships if Garrett had gave him a chance to. And Miller's parents - they were more of annoyance than evil but there were necessary to move the story along and provide some drama, I guess.Will I read more from this author? Certainly. Great writing skills, great characters.The ending ended sweetly and happily quit before it dived head first into Mushyville (Alright maybe they might have bought a t-shirt fro Mushyville) There's a mostly realistic HEA and I was happy with continuation of this series. Hopefully...*cough* Grey can get a story and get out of the whoring business, please *cough*