Conflict: Contact - Jack  Greene A Hearts On Fire Review THREE & A HALF STARS--"Conflict: Contact: is the first book in Jack Greene's Conflict three part sci-fi series. Set in the distant future where Earth is being controlled by an evil emperor (who we did not meet...I hope we can in future installments) and countries have been renamed into district numbers. Some people have moved into colonies and are trying to help Earth regain their independence from the emperor. A war is brewing and Lt. Colton Santerelli is on a dangerous mission to help the cause. But there's a problem, Colton is in lust of his superior and married (to a woman), Colonel Vance Hohler. (P.S. hot ginger alert!) When these two officers are in a scene together, it can get pretty steamy. If you do not like cheating in fiction, I would not suggest reading this story. But if you don't mind? Full speed ahead.This story is short, so there were certain aspects that I wished were delved into like Vance's background or Shizu's background (an enhanced soldier who we meet briefly). But since this is just the first installment, I'll reserve judgment until I read the rest. The sex scenes were steamy, the story started off with a bang. ;) Plus the sci-fi world created by Greene was interesting. There are super enhanced soldiers being created and experimented on under the emperor's regime. We meet Shizu and Jeremiah, a couple of super enhanced soldiers were barely touched the surface with. At one point I thought there might have been a hookup between one of the super soldiers and Colton (so happy there wasn't...for some reason I want to them to be just friends)"Contact" ended HEA-ish, so I'm curious how the other two books will play out because this story did deliver satisfying ends for both couples. No matter what happens for them in the future, I know this author will bring the goods.