A Lady by Midnight (Spindle Cove, #3)

A Lady by Midnight (Spindle Cove, #3) - Tessa Dare A really great continuation of this series from Tessa Dare. I don't know if she plans on writing more books for this series but the Gramercys (Evan, Lark and this mysterious Bennett)can provide excellent future stories. Those who have been following along know of Kate's plight of being orphaned and having no recollection of her past. And Corporal Thorne, the resident brooder of Spindle Cove, can't help to watch her nor be around her. And for the last two Spindle Cove books, I've been waiting for these two to finally get their moment to shine.Everything was going great until around 85% of the book, then it got a little wonky the weird medieval-like battle, Evan's villain-like chracter(still question if he was supposed to be bad or not)& Samuel asking to be shackled to not stop Kate's wedding It hurts my heart to even take away a star for that but I must cause the author wrote such an excellent buildup to that point and then it started to touch the land of the absurd. The wonkiness gets reeled back a bit but I had a slight sour taste in my reader's palate after visiting absurd world.Spindle Cove fans get visits from Susanna & Bram and Minerva & Colin (Oh how I adore thee). Samuel and Kate's love story and the work of their relationship was pretty good. Unfortunately, it seems Minerva & Colin are my fave couple from this series and I guess I want the rest of the books to live up to that pinnacle of romance that was reached in A Week to Be Wicked.But it's still a great love story! FOUR STARS