Polished - Alyssa Turner A Hearts On Fire Review FOUR STARS--Alyssa Turner's "Polished" is one steamy, polyamory novel featuring an established MF couple, Spencer and Rory, that love each other and have a healthy sex life. They are in love and so vanilla. But there seems to be something holding them back from realizing their full desires. In Spencer's case, he knew what it was but was afraid to share and let it out of the closet. As for Rory, she didn't even know what was missing until she had a taste.Of what?Mr. Jack Rothman. He's disillusioned, disenchanted and jaded. He's wealthy, should be on top of the world but is empty inside. He sleeps with many different people, gender no preference for him. He likes to control in the bedroom and for as long as a scene lasts, he feels some semblance of feeling. But he yearns for more. He's being used by his father (a despicable man, let me tell you) but Jack wants approval from his slug if a father. His father even tries to loan Jack out to the lecherous NYC mayor for a contract...how vile is that? Thankfully, a fluke accident with Spencer on a construction job jumpstarts both men's lives for the sexually positive. (Don't worry there is no cheating)Thanks to Jack, this book went from 3 to 4 stars. Jack brought the needed spice to make this vanilla cookie into something more palatable. Is he the best dominant I've ever read? Nope. The BDSM is light but for this book, Jack rules.Here's a slice of Mr. Rothman in action:“Thank you, Spencer," Rory said.In a flash Jack was inches from her face, bending over her so that his breath could be felt on her lips. "You don't thank Spencer. You thank me.” There's a lot of sex scenes in this book but I'd dub it closer to romantica than erotica. I enjoyed the patience, boundaries and control dominant Jack exuded throughout the story. And he was so seductive in his dominance. Another yummy quote:“You two have a lot to learn about being subs.""Maybe, but I can't believe how turned on I am," Rory whispered. Jack smiled at her. "I can." He sat on his knees and his gaze traveled over her body to the neat pink Lycra V between her legs. "You've soaked your bottoms already." The grin on his face was wicked. "Take them off.”Or my favorite:“First you're going to get your sweet little ass down from there and bend over the counter while I show you who the fuck is boss around here.” *wipes forehead* Jack talks a good game. And most importantly he can back it up. And he fit well in Spencer and Rory's dynamic. He recognized the submissive qualities in both lovers and made them blossom. An aspect that I also enjoyed was the touching, the three were connected whenever they were together. It really sold them as a triad.Another favorite of this book is that this story actually enjoyed the MM aspect. I've read a good number of MMF where the MM part seemed forced or something just added on to appease the reader. The 'I'm not gay but for...maybe as long as the heroine is around so we're not 100% gay' type of MMF (different from MFM). I am so disappointed when coming across those types of MMF. In "Polished" there's glory in MM sex, rimming, blowjobs and anal! And the best part, the MM and MF loving was balanced. Jack and Spencer? Delicious! Spencer and Rory? Cute. Jack and Rory? Sexy.These three do not have an automatic HEA - there's a little work involved. For an established couple to add another, there's going to be bumps in the road. It was mostly easy going. The issues of acceptance, coming of out of the closet (so to speak) are resolved. And there's hot sex that was had.I'd check more MMF from this author because the ideas are great and each aspect of the triangle (MM & MF of the MMF) gets recognition. Plus it's hot! ;)P.S. The setting of New York was done beautifully. We don't only get to read about Manhattan but other parts of the state too, such as Shawangunk Ridge and Long Island.