Finding Home [Quinn Security 1]

Finding Home - Cameron Dane Here's the thing, I try not read two books by the same author back to back because I hate picking apart any similarities I might find. (And I found some but due to the fact that I enjoyed both books regardless of them, I won't bitch.)Mostly. :PI'm rating THREE & A HALF stars but I'll round up. Why? The plotline is awesome - teenage virgin has crush on his boss for years and finally gets to act on it. And during these years they had a few intense moments. Great. It's cute and sweet and one hot tamale.Here's food for thought though because I find myself wondering in what planet would I ever stick a dildo in my friend's ass for them. This happens in this story and it's not between the main characters. It's M/F...*tilts head*I.Know. Call me selfish and also a Debbie Downer but um...if my bestest of best friends begged me to stick a dildo in their horny ass or else the world will end...guess we're both going to be some dead bitches.Other than that scene that niggled me, it's a great little schmoopy sexy story.Basically... Plus Equals?