Not all rent boy romances are the same...

Camouflage - Jon Keys

A Hearts On Fire Review

TWO HEARTS--All that glitters is not gold. And in the case of Camouflage by Jon Keys, not all rent boy romances will be a good one. Will I ever learn? Doubt it.

Two twenty-somethings befriend each other online (where and why is never given - a bigger issue with this story) Nash, a pierced and tatted rent boy from Atlanta is beaten up by a john prior to flying out to finally meet the guy he's been talking to online, Luke, a Oklahoman farmer. Nash, who is broke and miraculously makes a recovery from black eyes and bruising that needed to be covered up with makeup, seems to forget his predicament to fly to Oklahoma.

Luke and his best friend Chris are excited that Nash is visiting their small hometown for the week. Luke hasn't had a chance to be in love since he's deeply in the closet and screwing around with an even more closeted prick. They only got around to maybe 2nd or 3rd base, so consider Luke a virgin to backdoor pleasures.

The bruises are forgotten to continue into a very dull tale of two men who meet online maybe? They don't seem to share any interests. Add that with their personalities that are as boring as watching paint dry and the reading experience was close to painful.

Ever wanted to know how fast food tastes? You can find that in Camouflage. A page dedicated to eating everyday junk food. There were too many every day actions that was given too much page time that it weakens the already weak writing.

If you ignore the mundane events, you get a basic story that moved nowhere. The plot is supposed to be out of town rent boy finds love with closeted cowboy with some sexual discovery added in. The big secret of Nash being a rent boy was supposed to be a big thing, but the way it was presented... not really.

The sex was okay. If you're into pit licking, potential readers will rejoice. (Not knocking that kink) The lack of chemistry and the odd 0 to 180 mph direction to the feels dept. just added to the overall lackluster vibe.

Too many missed opportunities to make a tried and true trope interesting to read. And that added bit of drama in the 20% was the final nail in the coffin for me.

This was my first time reading the author and I'm pretty sure it will be final call for me. Potential readers, try a sample first.

Who knows, detailed minutiae and 2-D characters could be your thing.