Months later...and I'm still not over it. STILL! *side-eyes*

Bootleg Diva: Confessions of a Quarterback Princess by Levi Brody (A Southern Scrimmage Biography Book 4) (English Edition) - Mercy Celeste

I don't know where to begin.

This isn't a full 5 Stars but JAY-SUS was it close. So...4.555 Stars?

This isn't for newbs to Mercy Celeste. Highly recommended for Southern Scrimmage fans especially fans of Levi Brody MUST READ PRIOR BOOKS before starting this.

This memoir kicked my ass. Triggers: Abuse (mentions of physical, child abuse), rape, gay bashing, violence

I just wanted to take a peek, ended up reading this in less than 24 hours because I had to learn about every inch of Levi's life.

We get a heavy taste of it in Offside Chance.

His memoir doesn't detail exactly everything (ex - there's a lot of child rape but it's off page). But nothing was left to the imagination, if you catch my drift.

We start with adolescent Levi who already is too worldly for his own good. Just about everyone has let him down. And it could be argued there are laws and agencies to put a stop to cases like Levi's but there are times when it falls through the cracks. And Levi... I just hurt thinking about all her went through.

Me every time something bad happened to Levi:

It was a LOT of abuse. And there were sweet moments. mixed in with the angst and hurt.

However, when one reads Celeste, expect ton of angst. There was no exception with this.

I think the way the memoir was told was true to Levi's voice. He is the most interesting character of the entire series, IMO. Mental health issues aside, there is something about him that grabs the attention. (No, not the cross dressing, or gender identity conflict)

His personality, his will to survive for those he loves....I think that made his memoir worthwhile.

Is the story without flaws? Nope. There are typos. Sometimes, the transitions where scattered and all over the place. And a chapter would end at a weird spot. The story couldn't hurt from maybe 1-2 rounds of edits. The uneven bits kind of work in Levi's favor but was a little jarring while reading.

And something that sticks out for me was Levi saying he would "let [insert whomever] do [whatever sexual sexual act to him]". I get his thought process while with customers (did I mention he was a teenage prostitute too?) but he felt this way with his consensual acts as well. made me question every person he ever slept with. If he's mentally capable of consent, since he's learned the hard way about bad touch from such an early age. I might be over analyzing it. *shrugs*

But it's my quibble.

The story ends on one hell of a cliffhanger.

So while I still go through book withdrawal and recover by finding the pulverized bits from the floor...

...I'll be waiting with bated breath for "Blindsided" (which I expect to an epic story to explain what the hell is going on and give a HEA).

Book withdrawal is a bitch.