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His Second Chance - Stephanie Lake
FOUR HEARTS--A good meaty historical romance with a captivating plot and fleshed out characters, who doesn't love to read about that. Am I right? Something about the restraint that had to be put on in public and the scandals performed behind closed doors that always grabs my attention.

In Georgian romance novella His Second Chance by first time author team, Stephanie Lake, the story isn't extremely plot heavy.

What it was is entertaining, I drank all the tomfoolery up.

Viscount Torring, Randall Blair is gay (not openly) and his lover is now ex thanks to a hasty marriage. Randall just wants a partner, someone to share his life with. He's prepared not go the route of his former lover by marrying a woman of quality to bear his babies. As his enchanting cousin who read more like a fun hoyden tries to console him, Randall somehow changes his mind and seeks a female companion...he's going to lie and suppress his sexuality since his cousin reminds of him of how alone he is.

He finds one Lady who doesn't irritate and seems to get him. there's only one problem, the Lady who he selected to be his fiancee? He's fucked her brother. In fact, her brother was a former lover who broke his heart five years ago after one passionate week.

With a who did whom, sexual tensions flying high and a secret from a surprising member in this sort of love triangle, the novella couldn't stop the entertaining train from pulling out of the station.

Fun times ahead. Choo-choo!

Don't expect much depth in novella. In fact, it might have ruined the erotic fun vibe to the story (minus the bigotry/ hangings/ PTSD, of course) It was more about two men in love who were a little messy and scandalosity behind closed doors with the two families of nobility.

One word: messy.

I was all for it and had to read as fast as I could see what either man would do next.

Randall was one degree from being caught. David was super paranoid (for good reason) But their chemistry was solid and the authors did a great job of showing that. The story was probably closer to 3.75 Hearts but it kept from heading in PWP territory with a couple of splashes of David's harsh Navy life and strong female characters (read: Randall's cousin, Liz who rescues the less fortunate and has a gypsy husband or Lady Prudence who was too smart for her own good--and knew it). Historically accurate?? Eh...it's good enough. Sometimes the characters would speak like modern day and while I'm sure the story could have went deeper, it works.  There were a few of secrets that would be best read rather than spoil.

I am definitely interested in reading more from Stephanie Lake. Thankfully this is first of a series. I hope it'll be more from a new couple, I think this book's main couple ended at a great spot. There is a satisfying HEA, no need to rehash.

Though, if there is ever a book that needs to be written, it's one about Liz and her husband. They reminded me of a few of my fave historical romance couples were the couple come from different backgrounds but have enough passion to light a football field.

Quick read, easy tone and entertaining characters...recommended for those who like historical but don't want to be consumed by feels.

A copy provided for an honest review.