Nice twist between a blacksmith and a runaway wolf

A Wolf's RĂ©sistance - T.J. Nichols

3.5 Hearts--Set in France in 1944, A Wolf's Resistance by T.J. Nichols throws the reader right into the thick of things. Renny, a loup-garou (werewolf) is part of France's Resistance. He's packless and has nothing to lose...except his life. He's been caught by French soldier and will possibly given to the Nazis for testing. (You know how that would work out) Branded, starved, and injured by a bullet, the wolf is barely surviving but knows he must run or he'll be recaptured.

Starvation brings him to an isolated farm ran by small town, disabled giant blacksmith, Marc. The quiet blacksmith saves Renny, sees something only told in stories. Marc also hides his sexuality from others. Renny has been thrown out of his pack three years ago for being gay. That night, those two broken souls forged a connection.

I liked the premise, enjoyed the setting, The desperation from Renny came across pretty well. The quiet anger Marc felt at his country's current status, his feelings about having to socialize with his small town and being subjected to French soldiers mistreatment added an extra layer of depth to his character.

Also, I liked the connection Renny and Marc had for that fateful night. I think of their relationship as strong start where extreme factors acted as a catalyst for the speed of their passion.  That was one hot night! (Intercrural sex FTW!) The wolf parts were interesting, wouldn't have minded to read more about Renny and other loup-garou during WWII.

Interesting concept.

The story ends with a strong HFN, possibly HEA. I'd like to think this couple is one that a night together ends up leading to a lifetime of partnership.

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A copy provided for an honest review.