Nuts weren't enough to wow me. (A first. ;P)

Of Nuts and Men (2016 Daily Dose - A Walk on the Wild Side Book 18) - LE Franks
2.5 Hearts--My third squirrel shifter story for the year!

We need more squirrel shifter romances!

In "Of Nuts and Men", we visit the Sierra Mountains with hot botanist Sawyer who nearly misses a mountain lion attack by climbing a tree. And...getting stuck. To his luck, he gets saved by an unlikely savior: a red squirrel.

Not the premise was cute. But the wasn't as smooth for. Good ingredients, not used to its full potential. You have funny mixed with dull mixed boring = uneven read for me.

This is what I got:

Alternating POV (yay!)
Too much attention to the trees (bummer)

A sort of Snow White and her 7 Dwarves parallel with Jamie our red squirrel, who was fostered with 6 big cat shifters (yay!)
But more detail was given to a drawn out rescue and forest setting, not enough about the cool background. (bummer)

An OMG! you were seriously injured (yay!)
Let me cure your hypothermia with buttsex (bummer)

And the sex was boring. I felt I needed to pat the story on its head for trying to do a good job but I'd rather it just pick up its shit and leave. And we never speak again.

Could be that the luster has lost its shine from this style of writing- the way some flowery prose slipped in between scenes that could have been better it went simple and direct. Or maybe because I just finished a fuckhot PWP (Callum's Fate for the curious) that the way too quick sex just paled in comparison. Or maybe I had too many questions at the end such as if Sawyer planned on camping by himself, why would purchase condoms and big bottle lube? I understand always being prepared but c'mon.

I could see all the plot points shoved in there just to make the story move - read a little unnatural for me like the mountain lion who didn't attack but just chased him up a tree to be able to meet the squirrel, or the condoms and lube just to have sex dumped in when they barely had a meaningful conversation.

For me...not memorable.

Didn't get enough background on Sawyer, the attraction went from cool to hot too quickly, something was off with their dialogue. It needed more. Not funny enough (Jamie's repetitive squirrel excitement was funny), not detailed enough where it could have counted, not resolved. It ends with a HFN feel.

Nuts weren't enough to wow me. (A first. ;P)

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