Can ghosts get an erection? *ponders*

Callum's Fate - Dianne Hartsock

A Hearts On Fire Review

3.5 HEARTS--Actual questions I had while reading "Callum's Fate" by Dianne Hartsock:

'Can ghosts' cocks get hard?'


'Do ghosts have precome? What's the flavor and viscosity?'

I stopped reading plenty of times to ponder these things, since there was massive ghost erections.

"Pity. You would have lost your mind to the pleasure I could show you." [...] It slanted a sly look at Sean, then put its lips to Donal's ear. "Next time, come alone, darling. You won't regret it. I'll make sure you scream when you come."

For my second Hartsock read, I'm learning she can turn up the heat with her sex scenes. They're erotic and mesh well with the way she writes her characters. And in this erotic, historical fantasy short/PWP, there was a lot of sex, starting at page one.

In Callum's Fate, don't expect a massive detailed plot. Expect stiff dicks, multiple partners and fantasy creatures. Oh...and double penetration and felching too. ;P

Callum, the star of the short, is on the run in the magical moors in Scotland. The ginger virgin gets a pleasurable way by something that comes from nightmares but he just rolls with it. This starts as sort of horror, mostly fantasy tale where he's saved by fae, felt up by will-o-wisps and has a gangbang...because...the reason didn't seem to be as important as shedding that cherry. Side note: a virgin who just takes to cock so readily and massive ones (at the same time once) just doesn't seem as plausible.

But the PWP had charm, likeable characters and an interesting secondary plot with another gay couple that's being forced in a way to be a triad (with a female but the three are more a V than a triangle).

Had I known what creatures would have been involved, namely the ghost, I wouldn't have read this. Thank goodness the creatures are called by different names.

Other than reading the blurb, the book could have been set during any historical period. In fact, it might have been better to leave it as fantasy, because that's essentially what it is. Nothing really historical about it other than the Scottish human players. It could have been a imaginary world.

What was Callum running from in the beginning? Couldn't tell you. I don't think he even knows.

This story could have been better with a little more plot and filler because Donal/Sean (secondary characters) were more interesting than Callum. Though the ginger gets an A for effort on sex scenes. Flexible where it counts.

The ending was a little rushed for both couples...throuples? I don't even know. They switched partners a lot...let's say it starts with a virgin and a couple, ends with 2 triads who are in open relationships.

Recommended for readers who don't mind switch partners, not much plot and enjoys fantasy PWP. It's a quick read and cool concept overall.