Damaged Hero hurt/comfort yum yum with a HONEY BADGER/COBRA romance

A Cobra's Charm - Meghan Maslow

FIVE HEARTS--Where are my honey badger lovers at?



This story by new author Megan Maslow shows why honey badgers are DA SHIT. (I heard of a honey badger but didn't know of their ferociousness - seriously, if you don't know - Google it)




This story was damaged hero catnip aka my type of story. Triggers: off page rape, implied child abuse


Set in Libya, Jiri is an abused cobra shifter held captive in a human collector's shifter prison. Various shifters, predator and prey are kept for the greedy human collector, Demetrius's amusement. And Jiri is his coveted prize. Captured at eleven years old and now in his early twenties, orphan Jiri doesn't remember what it's like to be free and doesn't dream. He's been beaten down, made to wear a hood to cover his mesmerizing eyes and doesn't realize he's a predator too.


Miksa, is a vicious honey badge and Demetrius's latest acquisition. But the collector gets more than he bargains for in Miksa. Honey badgers aren't called tenacious for a reason. Miksa is made to fight but he catches Jiri's eyes. And more importantly, Jiri catches Miksa's.




Belly dancing Jiri can get in my pocket and stay there forever and ever.




The writing? Consider me impressed. The writing was great, the setup even great and the way it's written? Didn't seem like a first timer. The setting read authentic and more importantly the little details made the difference. You can tell the author made the effort. An example, Miksa is an American who is fluent in Arabic. But his Arabic was different to local Jiri. And...he SAID so.


Miksa is adamant in not caring for or about Jiri, but he can't help his protective instincts. And a protective, fierce warrior who cares for a damaged hero is awesome. But when the damaged hero proves he can take care of his own just as fiercely? Why that makes it the best. You can't keep predators locked up for long. Trust. ;)


Loved the ending and the revenge. It just read sweeter to me. My lusty self was satisfied.


"A Cobra's Charm" didn't even feel short, it's a complete story. Doesn't mean I wouldn't love to revisit this world, maybe starring Miksa's feline opponents? There are options for more in the future. *bats lashes*  #hopeful


This is definitely in my top three of the anthology. I'll be rereading this shortly (a testament as to how much I enjoyed this story)

Highly recommended to unusual shifter lovers - this is the ultimate treasure trove: natural animal enemies who find a HEA. Ms. Maslow, can't wait to read what you write next.


Honey Badgers FTW!!!


A copy provided for an honest review.