42 is the new 22 according to this omega!

Wet Heat - R.D. Hero
3.75 HEARTS--You mention Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics to me equals me doing something of this nature:

Because I know it's going to go DOWN! KNOTTING is on the horizon, I can taste it. Mmhmm...

But I should've known with this author, she'd do something a little different to the popular fan fic dynamic.

KNOTTING enthusiasts, put your bibs away.
Fans of the Omega slick, don't pull out the good glasses for the gushy nectar.

Those aren't to be found in Wet Heat.

This author writes quirky and is known to throw a few twists close to the end to turn the story on it's head. In a good way, of course. The blurb really sums up the story very well, and if those aren't your kind of topics to read about. I wouldn't suggest this story.

Wet Heat is snarky, light, quirky and most of all, fun. Lee is a forty-two, dried up omega. He has no job, no money and spends his days hustling for synthetic omega pheromones aka Wet Heat so he can get fucked on a daily basis. See, in this world were werewolves are the norm (aka werewolves are known for fan fic readers), either you're alpha, beta or omega. Omegas are the ones who whelp pups, take care of their mates and the caretakers. Not what Lee wants to do. Give him hot stiff dick over babies any day!

*double wink*

The thing is he's a 42 year old brat, who clubs with the twenty-somethings and doesn't care what they think about him as long as he has his Wet Heat to make the Alphas/Betas lusty. With his precocious younger omega nephew to sort of guide in his "slutty", free loving ways, Lee can stay forever young right?

Well, it seems he finally met his match in a geeky, not-so-alpha scientist, Cain. Cain works for the Wet Heat company, and has been overseeing his subject, Lee, for two years...thinking Lee had a mate. When he finds out it's a lie, he tries to go courting.

The tone is light. Lee might grate on the nerves if brats aren't your deal. And nothing is worse than an old-head brat, but somehow, it worked for Lee. His personality is big, and he doesn't act like a typical omega. And Cain is the least aggressive alpha I've ever read. Think a strong beta with an alpha title.

Pair a not-so-omega with an not-so-alpha and it's kinda funny. But the pair worked. Cain is socially awkward but determined. He knows what he wants and he's flexible with Lee. Lee is stubborn and set in his ways.

The story is told from Lee's POV. The reader gets a decent slice of Cain and his personality, but he's more reserved. There is a suspense-ish plot, with a college/laboratory background. I found it a little weird with the laboratory right on campus but maybe it was to cut having to go to another place in the book. I liked the side characters - Shane was younger version of uncle Lee, just more bubbly and a little more airhead. I love that the alphas have like a unspoken fraternity - they must protect ALL omegas at all costs: give an unmated omega money for an item they need, protect them from unruly alphas, etc. That aspect I thought was cool, the omega reverence.

The suspense gets solved easily, I kinda figured it out in the middle, but I was hooked so it didn't matter. The sex? Not as much as you'd think, but it was hot. (Hint: there was a particularly hot little semi-public sex scene that tickled my rough sex buttons) Also, there was an on page sex moment with a MC and different character, but it didn't go into much detail. The romance is shared with Lee's sort of maturing and the suspense plot. Don't expect much romance.

The story ends with a HFN with a path to HEA. I liked it. I don't think it could end any other way, given both main characters' personalities. Lee's wearing Cain down, baby! I think this couple will have plenty of fun using their opposite personalities to find common ground.

Recommended for readers who enjoy A/B/O and don't mind it not being typical, quirky and has a different type of werewolf society.

A review copy provided via Netgalley for an honest review.