I usually love the quiet ones but this one not as much

Quiet as a Mouse (2016 Daily Dose - A Walk on the Wild Side Book 21) - Asta Idonea

3.25 Hearts--"Quiet as a Mouse" is a fitting title. Because the story's tone is just that...quiet.

Set in a little British village, Asta Idonea's mouse shifter story introduces Paul as the timid shifter who is quiet, shy and in love with his choir director, Cale. He's moved a few times due to his paranormal secret and stayed in the village to be closer to Cale. Paul quietly stalks the director and ends caught in a mouse cage...to be a pet.

And he chooses to remain as one just to be closer to Cale.

The story is from Paul's POV and instead of showing more interactions between Cale and Paul, it just stays on the sidelines. I think the story could have shown a little more attraction between the protagonists. As is, it left me a little underwhelmed. I love the quiet ones but Paul was too passive for me.

No angst, no sex, no surprises. Everything keeps at an even (albeit a sedate) pace. After the soft reveal, the story rushes the ending and summarizes the HEA. Not really memorable, but not a bad story either. I wouldn't suggest this being your introductory read by this author.

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