Save me from philosophical romance... :/

More Fish in the Sea (2016 Daily Dose - A Walk on the Wild Side Book 17) - Fil Preis

2.25 Hearts--It's not a bad story. It's just forgettable.

"More Fish in the Sea" is a tiger shark shifter/human romance between two individuals who are pretty similar (save the shifting magic) in the lovely destination spot Hawaii.

Travel agent Jarrett goes on a dream vacation to mend his broken heart. He finally starts to recognize his doormat ways while single on the island. He doesn't want to be single though and craves being a relationship where a partner will respect his Wiccan ways. Kainalu also had a breakup with a boyfriend who did not care for his family's mysticism and ancient practices. Good thing Kainalu didn't share his tiger shark shifting predicament with his ex-love. Kainalu has to shift every full moon.

Both main characters meet but are at different points in their they thought one night. Later on (the time change isn't really definite in here) they meet up, call on Mother Goddess, hook up (fade to nothing/black sex BTW) and discover what "Shark People "powers entail.

What you see in the blurb is exactly what you get.

Reading a story with main characters who are very similar, doesn't provide any tension or create anything memorable can lead to a dull read. Add to the repetition of the same's dull city. I'm not one who enjoys this style of writing, it's more philosophic/mystical. I totally respect different beliefs and I thought a practicing Wiccan would bring something new to the game, but it was meh. I don't the story could be improved upon, it's just the way it's written. Execution can make or break a story - the pace dragged to me. In fact, I thought it was longer than it was. The story is told in alternating POV but more attention was given to Jarrett. Both the 'problem' between the MC's and ending were rushed.

Recommended? Probably for people who like that sort of writing style.
For readers like me? No.

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