One of my faves from this anthology so far! An otter and a least weasel walk into a bar...

To Arizona - Meg Hardling
4.25 HEARTS--Well hello, Meg Harding! I love reading anthologies because you can discover new authors to check out. And I'll be looking for more Harding.

"To Arizona" was funny, a little fluffy and a lot sexy. And it is unusual shifter jackpot: an otter and least weasel!

(least weasel)



Not only did I feel like I won the unusual shifter jackpot, the story also uses a few fave themes - sport rivals to lovers, new man on campus and stealth courting!

Bonus points for the possessiveness!

In a world where shifters are known and are the only only allowed to participate in sports, Dustin, an otter shifter, was traded from his pro hockey team in Michigan to the Arizona Hares, his rivals. And most of all, he really can't stand the team captain, Chandler. With his 6'3" height, blond good looks and excellent hockey skills...there's nothing about Chandler that Dustin likes...okay maybe some things. Some really fun things.

The two have chemistry from the moment they meet, are made to live together, interact with the adorable menagerie of shifters (red pandas are the "it" shifter it seems) and have a bit of a communication/realization snag. One of the guys has a tendency to be oblivious and the other one doesn't want to be too obvious...but the reader obviously gets what they're aiming for: courting. I love the tenaciousness of a least weasel and the togetherness from the otter.

Hilarious, fun and sexy, "To Arizona" gives everything including locker room sex. It is a short length but it seemed complete. The teammates end up together and still give enough cute without making it sickening.

Recommended for readers who love fun, cute, and sexy all rolled together in this shifter delight.

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A copy provided for an honest review.