KA-YUTE penguins shifter romance!

Love, Marriage, and a Baby Carriage (2016 Daily Dose - A Walk on the Wild Side Book 14) - C.S. Poe

Can't be avoided...

Don't even try.

Theodore is a 25 year old ginger MET tour guide & Magellanic penguin shifter who joins WaddleCon - a singles' penguin convention. The poor ginger sees the convention is geared to hetero couples once he arrives in San Diego. Things don't seem to be going his way until he meets a hunky fellow penguin shifter, Wesley. They strike up a conversation during a round of speed dating and Theo is adorably flustered. And for good reason, Wes is an underwear model and Theo is a virgin...

(A Magellanic penguin underwear model...you're welcome)


They meet up later that evening and Theo finds a trash baby! Well, more like a trash penguin egg. From there, his night gets even crazier. And through it all he finds his forever mate in Wes.

The story is short, shorter than I think it could've been. It had a strong start and decent enough finish. You can't escape the adorbz, if you tried. The dialogue was cute, the setup was cute...

It's told in Theo's 1st POV. We don't get a great sense of Wes since it's Theo's story and the short length. The main events, were entertaining but I feel like if this story was ever expanded it could be even better than what it is. Wes read more like an archetype of the unattainable (hot model), a nerd's wet dream. But he was kind of one note aka wanting in the drawers.

And no one is a bigger perv than me when I see a virgin character, but my gripe is this. If they've been saving it for however many years...don't you think it'd take a little time for the legs to open? Granted this is paranormal, penguin shifters mate for life...yadda yadda but it still read like is was more from Theo's side than Wes's

But I got the gist of the story. And there's a cute little fluffy ending that does what the title states. ;P

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A copy provided for an honest review.