Of all the shifter reads readily avilable to me...this is what I read. *smh*

Omega's Fate (Mated to the Alpha #1): Mpreg Gay M/M Shifter Romance - Wolf Specter, Rosa Swann

A freebie I read to decompress from the last book I read. Wasn't expecting much, hopefully mindless KNOTTING and growling?

Not so.

Instead there is a plot, awkward phrasing and a straight college graduate who can't help taking to gay sex with a gay, geeky, not handsome Alpha.

Oh and the formerly straight, former college student is human...and unknowingly an omega.

For all the story's faults, I couldn't stop reading. Even as I grimaced.

Ends with a cliffhanger. I'm totally reading the next book, I might even grumble about it but I need to read what happens to Ethan (human) and Max (alpha)

He's pregnant after their first time? Like the night after? Really?

(show spoiler)

2.75 stars ...where in the hell was the KNOTTING?

I feel like I might regret going down this rabbit hole.

*shrugs* Oh well.