When bad books happen to good covers...

Conall (Irish Sugar) - Reana Malori

Hot air.

This book was filled with so much hot air.

Thankfully I read Shannon before this book. This book sucked so much, I'm going to round up my rating for Shannon.

I'm not rehashing this silly story.

How do you have two lead characters who boast so frigging much and can't even back it up? They would always speak in code and never get to damn point.

How do you have a lead character with a personality switch? The female lead went from idiotic good girl who went to a criminal's place of business without KNOWING THE ENTIRE REASON WHY HER BROTHER WAS INVOLVED IN THE FIRST PLACE to supposed street runner. Are you kidding me?

And then she hints at a past that's so bad and she won't talk about it? And when it's time for supposed big bad confession, it's a fade to black?

The book went straight from the barely there two stars to straight one with that weak move.

The plot's weak, characters even weaker and the story is crap. The pacing is choppy as hell and I've read this author before. Pretty sure she can write a tighter story than this.

I was interested in reading this series- though it's a bunch of standalones with a connected arc - brothers who grew up in the Irish mafia and now need to plot revenge. This is my second read from the 4 book series and my biggest gripe with it? The series should've been numbered (and if it is - the reader shouldn't have to search-it should be available) where the big climax is actually detailed and explained in one book, actually build the tension and discuss the abuse in each book instead of blowing so much hot air about being big and bad and doing jack shit about anything. No way the female lead is from the streets - she even said she wasn't in the beginning.

This wishy washy halfway hinting and telling of second hand events makes all of the books weak.

And the big soliloquy from a nine year old:

"-I will find you and I will kill you for what you have done to me and my brothers. You will never escape me. You will look over your shoulder for the rest of your life. The one time you don't expect it, I will bring the Angel of Death to your doorstep. I will deliver you as a gift to the Devil and he will tear your skin from your flesh as an offering."

Really? A nine year old is going to make a speech like this?

I'm going to try and erase this book from my mind. Probably need a break from this series, thank goodness it's different authors.

Damn me for falling for the covers and blurbs.