*blinks* Mafia romance without the details. Yeah.

Shannon (Irish Sugar) - Shara Azod
  2.5 Stars-- Call it a case of cover lust and bad boy lust (I really dig the mafia romances) but this book was...hotter than I expected to be. It's been awhile since I've read Shara Azod and I see she can still tell a tale.

I liked the main characters though they're not used to their full potential. It's a sad tale, Shannon and his brothers come from a dirty world full of crime and abuse. Their dad is a supreme Irish mob boss and they want to get revenge for their shitty upbringing.

The story starts with a heroine who is a secret vice president mafiosa but is a teacher in his day job. She can't access her secret stash of cash because there are eyes everywhere. So what does she choose to do? Become a prostitute in a whorehouse.

Because it's safe.

And this super smart badass can't get her hands on the cash.

She runs to Shannon's whorehouse and takes over after the interview. Shannon just knows there's something else about her so he lets her see the daily operations, access to EVERYTHING because he wants to fuck her even though he knows jack shit about her. And this carries on for WEEKS.

Does anyone else see the issue here? Why would a criminal who has been abused etc and doesn't trust anyone but his brothers, suddenly sees this paragon in emerald silk panties and knows her only by 'Sunshine' and gives her the keys to the castle?

If this story was longer and the plot given time to grow instead of thrown together and rushed, there could actually be a decent story somewhere in there.

My rating is rounded up because I read Conall. I thought it couldn't get any worse and Conall showed me it could.

This story...*sigh* is the middle of the road. I'm nervous about reading the other two brother's tale, so I'll chill for the moment.

For crime drama lovers, this is one to skip. It's too rushed, too telling and no showing to really enjoy anything.

Plus side? The sex was good. Shara's still got that. ;)