Erotic historical with a twist?

Sweet William - Dianne Hartsock

A Hearts On Fire Review

3.5 HEARTS--"Sweet William" by Dianne Hartsock does just as the blurb promises: former tutor/pupil lovers reunite in this erotic historical romance. Set in the late 1800's in Boston and told in alternating POV, "Sweet William" is a 19 year old shipping business heir who is very wealthy, a twink and also very popular among the men. We're talking a lot of erections in tight grips.Plan to stretch the reality rubber band a little with this story. Every guy pretty much had a stiff one between their legs. Good old PWP ;D

This sort story had a plot in between the horniness of all the male characters. The tutor, Frederick is only 22, an orphan and getting shafted (ha!) by life. He's broke and still carries a torch for his first and only (?) male lover, William. (That was the impression) In a day, they reunite,
everyone still wants a piece of William and his hot ass. All systems seem to be on board for massive shagging between the main players because of their reunion.


This is where the story isn't as tight as it could be - length. We go back and forth through rash decisions, a weird plot twist that mostly works itself out in the end and violence. Triggers: on page violence, attempted sexual assault and off page sexual assault. This is my second story in short period of time that had a rapey villain of sorts. It fit the plot device but I know if I look at this plot long enough I'll find holes and bumps.

A bump was the possibility a man can be captured twice by the same people, while on the run in a big town like Boston. Granted, the setting isn't in modern times, but I think maybe hiding in a bush in the dark or maybe not going to the scene of the crime again might have stopped the whole concern I had with that particular plot twist. I know it's just to move the plot along but it kept irking me. Also, what is up with authors using sexy times while critically ill? Why can't there be a healing period and then worrying about boners. This isn't the first author to do so and I'm sure it won't be the last. *squints*

The biggest issue with "Sweet William" was the length & the underplayed suspense angle. The story is short but it ends at a good enough spot. We get reunited lovers and drama thrown in. However, there is a kidnapping angle that is too subtle. It could have been mentioned earlier with more clues to let the reader get why certain 'clues' were important. And I wish I got to learn more about the main characters, they were interesting.

The story is quick. Sometimes a short story that gives just enough can work. I do think this would work for a reader who like hot reads, not too much time spent on world building and something that can be read in an hour or two.

Overall, porn with plot. And good plot too. It could be extended and it'd totally be stronger read.

As is, I liked it but with the issues I couldn't rate higher. I'll definitely check out more from this author though; the ideas were good.