Had an A/B/O crave...and was surprised with the results

Crescent Moon Omega: M/M Paranormal Short Story Romance - Aiden Bates

Read this because it worked for a challenge and it's alpha/omega dynamics aka my shit.

Being as it was free, I wasn't expecting much.

Well it was better than I expected! There was a plot (though it could have been longer to do it justice). It rushed in spots but the main elements: boy gets turned into a werewolf and needs a mate was decent. The reader is dumped into a bloody chase from a recently changed omega, Ethan. Ethan finds sanctuary in the form of an alpha named Josh.

In this world there are only two types of werewolves: alphas (big, fighter types) and omegas (types who like to bone, be bred and have whelps)

My problem is how easy Ethan takes to being changed into a werewolf, an omega werewolf at that. Josh wasn't an alpha-hole alpha, the story didn't jump into deep dicking on the first page.

There was a waiting period. And when the sex finally happened - fuckhot! Score for omega slick and alpha KNOTTING.

I have accrued a truckload of this author's free works, so I'm going to search for more shorties! Good in between read. 3-3.5 stars