One for the receptacle...

Quinn I: Undaunted Men Series - J.C. Cliff, Sommer Stein, K.D. Robichaux, Soni Gillette
DNF--6%--I tried reading but I had to give up after the hero's dick started to act like it was a separate entity. I'm all for lusty heroes but there needs to be something else there, unless it's a joke. (I don't think he thought it was...)

So not my deal.
Everyone who has read might have a different opinion from me though. *shrugs*
1st POV will be my go to choice of POV in a romance. Didn't work for me here.
I didn't love the hero. I don't mind jerk heroes -- especially written with a sense of character. This book's hero was as deep as a puff of air. So disappointing.
I tend to jump all over those grumpy types. Yum! ;P
The mafia romances are also really cool especially when gritty. Sad, this didn't pan out for me. I jumped to the end (It's a big fat no all around)
I needed some Q titled books for a few challenges I'm in and I was in the mood for good mafia smut/romantica.

Guess my search will have to continue, didn't find it here.

I had to stop reading this book because there wasn't any character growth.
Upside is... at least I know this won't be a series I'll continue.

Best to spend my money somewhere else.