This series is turning out to be another dope one from Mrs. A

(Watch Me) Body You (Run This Town Book 2) - Avril Ashton
"It doesn't matter how we fit," Is told him. It didn't.
"All that matters is that we do."

I was so excited to read this story. Why? The setting and the characters were not one I expected to see in an MM story, like ever. I tend to put the books that I will hold near and dear or will go through a fine tooth comb to the side.

And then sometimes I forget about them, my special must reads. I'll admit it. They are shivering on the shelf screaming "read me", wearing piles of dust on the cold and lonely shelf.

Whelp, I sprung "(Watch Me) Body You" outta that joint.Finally.

Two friends who were close like brothers and straight, finally succumb to that desire that they've been denying for some time.

Oh and they are Timbs-wearing, drug dealing, gun-slinging West Indian Americans living in BK, just being reckless in the Q borough. Killing...doing criminal things.

These men in RL? Would be executed if ever found out.

(Gotta rep the countries.)

But Avril Ashton made it work for her romance novel and they knocked the laces outta those Timberlands.

Israel (39) and Reggie (35), bad men to most but friends to the end and lovers where it counts.

The slow burn was so appropriate for both men, especially Israel - the Jamaican gangster. The denial, the angst, the struggle - this was the story's strong point. Ashton tends to make her gritty alphas closer over the top but the story telling works with her men. Reggie had a messed up childhood and found family in the streets and gang. Israel did the same. Broken boys who carried their baggage into broken men.

Compared to the previous book, this was tamer. The men had more internal struggles to deal with. Their families are certifiable. The took more a backseat to the romance. I didn't mind at all.

The story I feel is slightly weaker in minor aspects: some repetition, a little heavy handed with the first sex scene (jizz wizard magic considering their age) and the last chapter was a little saccharine. Book totally could have used an edit but the story was entertaining.

And Israel's possessiveness? YES All about it! There were very minor MFM scenes (for readers who need to know.) The ladies didn't have much screen time. I do like the secondary characters a lot, especially Elias the ginger haired tatted Scot--super interested to read his book and Tek, the quiet Chinese American killer. I need to know their back stories. Why do I feel like their books are going to put me through the wringer?

Cheers to Timb wearing lovers! They definitely...