Whatever. *rolls eyes*

Where The Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak

So not my normal choice of read. But it was a me and little one book, where I read and he listens or pretends to...hopefully we can nail down the 'pretend to listen' game with the kid. (But not with me, because I'm the favorite aunt--duh.)

Anyway, the story was...meh to me. I remember when I was younger and saw this book. I bypassed it then. Apparently, I was onto something because I totally would bypass it now, especially after reading.

I couldn't stand Max. Why would the awesome beasts/monsters be tamed by him? He didn't do anything but show up even if he's the one pulling the strings.

But the pictures were nice.

What did the kid think? Fucking enthralled! Seriously glued to the pages.
Or it could have been the sound of my voice. *shrugs*

If he could speak, he'd rate it: 10/10 would read again.


Me: 2 stars
Kid: 5 stars

Let's meet middle ground and average, 3.5 stars. I'll round up because...ugh...we'll be rereading.