Not bad when you need an omega/KNOTTING fix and don't want to bust your brain...

The Omega Auctions, Book One - April  Andrews

Ever meant to take a peek inside a book and the next thing you know, you're reading "The End" in less than two hours?



It happened to me with "The Omega Auction".

What can I say about this? I went down the path where a beta tries to resist his virgin omega mate...alone...FOR DAYS.

*pauses for my fellow KNOTTING enthusiasts to savor*

The book promised KNOTTING and rimming but there was no rimming. Can't blame Daryl for forgetting the promised rimming when a hot, tight omega hole needs to be bred.

Stephen, the virgin omega loved it.

The plot is hot & simple, the words got too repetitive at points...but it's a easy, breezy book mostly. No actual mpreg moments in this. But the men are enthusiastic in trying to breed.

Because KNOTTING. 3.5 stars