Sizzling, Scorching, AHHHH! If you read MM erotica, why aren't you reading this?

Play Party - Cordelia Kingsbridge
“I don’t want to be empty,” Riley mumbled, his eyes still shut.

“There should be some plugs in here,” Tom said. “I’ll get you one.” The chest beside the chaise thumped and rattled.

“That one’s too small,” said Andres. His voice was a quiet rumble where Riley’s ear pressed against his bare skin. “It’ll just frustrate him… Yeah, that one’s good.”

Andres turned Riley in his lap so his back was against Andres’ chest, then grabbed the backs of Riley’s knees and spread his legs wide.

I feel like this was written for me.

I've been floaty for sometime after reading this. Ms. Kingsbridge, I humbly thank you from the bottom of my smut loving heart. This was quality smut. I've been zoning out at the most inappropriate times.*bites lip*

Let me give an example as to how good this series is, especially this latest story. While reading this porn delight, I had a full cup of coffee that I've been yearning for like ever (a day) & I knocked that cup over. I just stared because I was totally in the fuck zone and just watched it puddle. The two marbles I have left finally kicked in to attend to the spill but I could care less about the waste. I had to read more about Riley begging Daddy to stuff his hole.

*groans**mimpers (moan + whimper)*

The tags...I think I'm going to float again after rereading them:

Aftercare, Age Difference, BDSM, co-domming, College, Come Shot, Daddy Kink, Deepthroating, Dom/sub, Dirty Talk, Humiliation, Interracial Relationship, Minor Feminization, Rough Sex, Safewords, Semi-Public Sex, Sex Toys, Size Difference, Size Kink, Slut Shaming, Spitroasting, Subspace, Threesome

I swear to all that is porntastic those tags were put to excellent use.

(Little in lust with this band at the moment. ;D)

There was a tag that could and should have been added...a fuck machine!

A gleaming steel fucking machine stood at the foot of one of the beds, where the covers had been artfully rumpled to suggest recent use.

Riley raised his eyebrows, impressed. It took skill to make a fuck machine look classy.


Riley goes to a play party and Andres is there. But while watching a scene with a fuck machine, Riley finds a Daddy in Tom whom he met at the munch, a few parts ago. And Daddy sees the slut aching to come out in Riley. And then when I think it couldn't get any better, Andres enters the motherfucking scene!


“Get up on the chaise, baby. Let Tom get a good look at that gorgeous ass you’re so proud of.”

His stiff cock swaying between his legs, Riley climbed up on the chaise lounge, arranging himself on his hands and knees right at the edge. Andres moved to stand by his head, and Tom settled down behind him, between Riley and the backrest.

Though Riley’s instinct was to lower himself onto his forearms, it would be harder for him to watch Andres’ face that way. So he stayed up on his hands, shifting his knees as far apart as possible and arching his back to show off. Fuck, Andres was right; he was a praisewhore.

“It is an incredible ass,” Tom said. He smoothed his hands over the body part in question, kneading both cheeks in a slow, thorough massage. “He only bottoms?”

“Yeah,” said Andres, carding his fingers through Riley’s hair. “He’s fucking amazing at it – a natural. It’s obvious the second you get something up inside him.”

Those tags...*gasps*

Okay, okay, I think I'm under control. Sort of.

Here's the thing. Andres is my kind of Dom, he thinks, doesn't use exclamation points to get his point across and knows his sub...really well. I think feelings might be on the horizon.

We had a good smutty run, guys! Let me reflect on all of the positions you've guys had...

'Twas hot as fuck. If you throw water on me, I might sizzle.
This latest part is definitely worth the wait, it was longer, we get a peek (hint) of Riley's past and as usual I'm left wanting more.

So what to rate this? I'm rating this:

You figure out how many stars that is.