Great finish to an addictive series.

Jordan & Rhys - Sue  Brown

A Hearts On Fire Review

3.75 HEARTS--Great finish to the series!!

"Did you two ever...?"
Rhys shook his head. "We thought about it, but it would never have worked. Both of us are--were--screaming bottoms."

Sue Brown ends Frankie's Series with the fourth installment, "Jordan & Rhys". And it continues that light angst/sweet feel. This book features fan favorite Jordan, the damaged ginger haired Dom and new character, Rhys, a sub who is looking for scenes in all the wrong places.

Though this could be read as a standalone (I started the series on book #2 and wasn't lost), I liked reading book #3 before this one. It helped with Jordan and Anthony (star of book #3)'s background and friendship.

Triggers: violent gay bashing and the aftermath

Jordan is attacked with his newly collared sub Mike. This story starts months later after the attack. Jordan is a shell of his vibrant self, still recovering and not taking care of himself. His well meaning albeit meddlesome (yeah I said it) interfere and get him a carer, Rhys, a submissive who understands the lifestyle and...has a connection to the one Jordan grieves.

The story was interesting. I love grieving romances, gingers and spunky characters. Basically, this story had a lot of win factor for me. This author got a little deep but didn't get extremely depressing. Also as the main point was hurt/comfort and healing from PTSD, there wasn't much sex or BDSM scenes. Also, a bigger win for me because it would have been inappropriate for Jordan's character.

I do love a red haired character. *grins* But surprisingly, though Jordan, dominated (see what I did there?) the book with his grief, stubbornness to accept was Rhys who stole the show for me. And we didn't get as much back story about him as we have with Jordan. But he was able to read Jordan so well.

Rhys might read stubborn to some but all I see is a person who cares. He's spunky and doesn't like to hear BS. He knows what's best. A man after my own heart. It was love at first read for me and Rhys. I think he's my favorite character of this series.

The men buck heads and are contentious in the beginning, slowly growing into friends and then lovers. I liked the pace a lot. There were time jumps but it helped speed up the healing process for a few key parts to the plot. But it wasn't a 5 Heart read for me.

The story could have went a little deeper in the feels department, Rhys could have been fleshed out more (maybe knowing how he came to the club or sought out the sort of behavior he did). If the last part didn't happen at 82%, this would have been a solid 4 Hearts for me, easy. I felt that last 'hurt' scene was laying it on a bit too thick.

I do like Jordan and Rhys together. They're able to read each other's moods and needs. They communicate. And I think that whatever mistakes happen in the future, they'd learn from one another.

Recommended for fans of Sue Brown, novellas that are a little spicy and sweet, and headstrong (some might misinterpret for bossy) subs.