I love this series. *grunts*

The Long Arm of the Law - Cordelia Kingsbridge
He wanted it to hurt, wanted Andres to split him open and fuck his brains out like the slut he was–

I just--


I swear if this was an audio review, all you'd be able to hear is how much clenching my jaw is doing at the moment. Effing Riley and Andres.


This touched and fingered a lot of my favorite kinks - feminization, handcuffs, role-playing, dirty talk, trying to get ass pounded while your roommates are next door (I'm lumping it under semi-public dammit). And 

spitting on the HOLE

(show spoiler)

I like that this much: (_________________________________________)

Riley develops a uniform kink and Andres exploits that by pounding DAT slutty ASS.

“When I saw that look in your eyes when we ran into each other, all I wanted to do was throw you on your knees right there on the sidewalk and shove my cock down your throat in front of everyone,” he said.

Riley’s throat made a dry clicking noise. He reached behind himself to steady one hand against his bedframe.

The smut remains medium high. Riley loves it. Andres loves it. Their fuck parts are all about it!

I think I'm seeing an inkling of something...softer from both men. I think the reign of delicious, gratuitous fucking might be on the verge of ending into something more.

I might be the only person hoping for the reign to continue as long as it can before those pesky feelings develop and come into play.

Overall, SMUTASTIC! *waves pervs shades* Onward to Part 8!