*bats eyelashes* If only this was set someplace else...

Assassins Are People Too - S.C. Wynne

THREE HEARTS--Assassins! I love them. The darker the character the better. Give me a complex criminal I can sink my teeth into and I'm one happy reader. I'll admit, I saw the cover and squeed (only a little) because we always need more assassin romances in the world.

In S.C. Wynne's "Assassins are People Too", don't expect dark. Instead, it's lighter, closer to campy and snarky.

The novella starts off with a bang...in more ways than one. I question the swiftness of some actions *shrugs* but the reader is taken along for a ride between first alternating POV between neighbors, geeky, resident good egg & bookstore worker Dillon and anti-social snarky assassin "Marc". The men have a five year age gap, but seem to act like it's super ancient at times. Marc and Dillon have eyed each other for a while (prior to the book) so there is supposed to be a connection. Sex fiends will be happy with the rapidness of loss of briefs in this book.

I, however... I'm on the fence with buying this couple. I wonder how long they'd actually last.

The story is readable. The action is fast paced. The time jumps, eh...it doesn't really help as much to the viability of the couple for me. But for the a fast paced story with a light campy assassin, it works. I might be looking for something more to sink my teeth into when this book is more like cheese and crackers.

I actually liked Marc the assassin more than Dillon. Dillon had a couple of TSTL moments that grated my nerves and then Marc would come in and I'd give Dillon a pass. The repetition during certain passages got to be annoying. But not too much to affect the overall enjoyment because I believe Dillon was supposed to be the good guy with a caring heart to Marc's worldly loner bad side.

That opposites attract theme...it was decent. If I look at the only main ingredients and not the little things, I can say enjoyed myself.

But...the story had issues. And the biggest one is not something every reader might catch.

The setting.

Maybe, just maybe if this book wasn't set in NYC, I might've rated higher.

Possibly. *squints...thinks about the repetition and camp*


It's a me thing (most likely), but I can't rate higher when the setting is all wrong.

See it started with a niggle - how could a bookstore worker who stated he worked in a "dead end job" afford to live in a high rise apartment building in NYC. Dillon lived on the 39th floor and the high paid assassin lived directly above him on the 40th. How could he afford this? I tried to pretend it was a really cheap rent controlled apartment and ignore the niggle.

But...let's say it wasn't Manhattan since it wasn't specified because a lot of authors assume NYC is Manhattan and nothing else. Plus, once Dillon referenced Central Park and the Hudson, game over. High rises aren't cheap. The two men have disproportionate pay scales...and Dillon lived on his own with a car...in the city.

But then the niggle got worse to tugging in the gut when said bookstore worker (not even an owner) drove his car around to park with no problems in the city. He drove to work. *stares* He drove to eat. *double stares* No mention of paying for parking or even taking public transportation. He can just park wherever he wants in his building's garage. So he's paying rent, car insurance & gas on a book store worker's salary without resorting to living on Ramen noodles once a year and air sandwiches for his natural born life?

Now, I know you can find places to drive and park without paying in Manhattan, but in this book it's too easy for someone who works a "dead end job" and it read...off. I really wish this was set any other place but NYC. It'd work for any other place. Damn these niggles.

Since the setting thing probably wouldn't bother most readers who aren't familiar with NYC, it's worth a peek. I don't think everyone is going to love it. The story is closer to cute, it had a few solid moments. I do wish it was longer and possibly if the story started a couple of days before, maybe with Marc watching Dillon from afar for a few times while in between assignments. Something to make the connection more solid. It started so quick and then the weird courtship period didn't lend any credence to their "foundation". The repetition of their issues wasn't going to make it more believable.

This is a story I could nitpick all day - nothing that rocks the boat too much, nothing to make a lasting impression. There is a cliffhanger ending that possibly means more from this pairing. If the premise is interesting enough (more information on their backgrounds, no more NYC please and less naivete from Dillon), I might come back from more.

Great ideas, decent execution (minus the setting). This is swimming in the 3- 3.5 Hearts pond.

Light assassins could be a thing. Who knew?

A copy provided for an honest review.