You know when you read a story everyone else has & see what they're talking about...

College Boys - Daisy Harris
  3.75 HEARTS--A story just about every MM reader read...except me.

You know what they say...

Love that episode.

Anyhoo, what can I say that hasn't been said already? Probably not much.

Set in Vermont, Chris, Tennessean straight college soccer player moves into a single dorm room that has been shoddily split into two singles rooms with a paper thin wall to separate him and his neighbor. His neighbor is Peter, a gay student who Chris had a morning wood, totally not gay encounter with earlier in the year.


So while Chris gets to mourn his mother's passing in peace away from his teammates, he also gets to know Peter and they become friends. And masturbatory helping aids? Well, the wall separates them,'s totally not gay. Right?

I came for the 'out for you' but was pleasantly surprised with the additions to the plot. I liked Chris mourning. (wished it didn't get pushed to the wayside once the sexy times started. But who wants dead mom thoughts when boners are present?) I really liked Chris working through accepting that his sexuality wasn't as concrete as he'd thought - though the homophobic teammates were assholes and sometimes Chris made dick moves, his heart was in the right place. I'm glad it wasn't another gay boy dating a closeted boy story.

And the sex read natural. I liked the progression. Well most of it. And my smut loving heart rejoiced when I got the double whammy. You know what time it is: Virgin meets Butt Virgin Time

*purrs* And tears (during sex).

There were things I felt were too soon like the level of HEA. Not saying twenty-somethings aren't that mature but...virgins making such weighty promises after such short amount of time? *raises eyebrow* Methinks the hormones might be talking here. Also while I did applaud Chris' might've been a little hasty.

Overall, enjoyable story. It's hot, there's a solid plot and I'll be back for more of this series.

A copy provided via Netgalley for an honest review.