Decent but not memorable. *shrug*

Lost and Found - J.J. Collins

A Hearts On Fire Review

THREE HEARTS--J.J. Collins' "Lost and Found" is an erotic paranormal/fantasy-ish short about with different shifters. The main characters are Declan, former alpha wolf who was ousted from his pack by force and Killan, hawk shifter who likes to be alone by choice. The two have a snarky little start. Reading Declan the posturing carnivore get taken down a few notches by Killan was fun. Know what else was good?

Declan having to fend for himself packless and plot revenge. He's damaged and broken and has to learn that just being alpha doesn't cut it. The author seemed to have the tone right. But...once the penises became involved, that's when the story got a little wonky for me. Not enough meat to make this a strong enough contender in either genre and not hot enough for erotica.

What is the setting? Is is paranormal? Is it fantasy? A meld of the two? It started off with a historical vibe but the dialogue was too modern. The story goes from dens and foxholes to cabins. I wish the setting was clearer. the revenge plot wasn't that strong so the 'big finish' was barely a blip. The inter-species romance between Declan and Killan was nice. Nothing to write home about.

Somewhere before the 'erotic' part the story plateaued and didn't make much impact. It was a case of: 'the story was too short to give the ideas enough plot to carry it off'. You know the types - decent enough characters, decent enough plot device but somehow, somewhere something just didn't pull through.

This is an decent enough read.

Could have been better had it been better developed and longer, show why a solitary animal shifter all of the sudden goes the HEA route.