My first weresquirrel and it was adorable!

Nuts About You (Nutty Romances Book 1) - Kate Lowell


"So, a shapeshifter, huh?"
Nathan nodded.
"And you're a squirrel?"
Nathan nodded again.
"And you don't feel screwed at all by fate?"
"I mean, shifters in books and movies are all werewolves and weretigers and stuff like that. It doesn't suck being a weresquirrel?"

Nope, it doesn't suck at all.

Let me tell you, Nathan the weresquirrel is ADORABLE. I am definitely #teamsquirrel #teamNathan after reading Kate Lowell's first story in the Nutty Romances series, "Nuts About You".

Nathan is a sales clerk at the local Bulk Mart. He has a massive crush on one of his customers, Vince. Sweet, chubby Nathan gets flusters when he is around the yummy man so he spies on the object of his eye. It could be considered stalking but who is going to report a squirrel? Nathan watches Vince and munches on nuts and birdseed in Vince's yard until one day fate steps in.

The story is light and funny. The nuts puns weren't stuffed down the throat and it wasn't an excuse to just have oodles of sex. There is a plot underneath the fluffy smiles. There is an erotic moment and we get to learn each man in this short story. I still wanted to know more. I liked the hint of shifter society the author began to introduce.

The story ends with a HFN and kind of earl (81%) but there is an excerpt for the next installment of the series which will continue with the world the author created. Since I know there will be more, I won't harp on wanting more. I hope the questions I have or might have have will be answered with future books.

I liked that Nathan wasn't the run of the mill shifter. And major points for him being "fluffy", we doing normally get chubby shifters. They're usually eight pack abs and chiseled faces with mega long dongs and ten feet tall. It was nice to have normal. Well, for a squirrel shifter who had normal human quirks and insecurities.

Recommended for shifter lovers who want something light and airy with funny (and not overly cheesy)

A copy provided for an honest review.