My 2nd Northcote but I think I'm not picking the right ones to be blown away by.

All Man - Jay Northcote

Swimming in the 3-3.5 stars waters - Hairstylist twink Jules likes plumber bear Gareth but assumes he's straight. However, this assumption changes Saturday night at the gay club. Gareth comes to the rescue after a sexual assault in the toilets. The two become closer after, date. There's a HFNish ending. It's cute.

I liked it. I love twink/bear pairings. But I am on the fence with Jules. Gareth, I like. I couldn't put my finger on it at first. It's not because he's a victim. I'd never blame the victim. Or because he's sex-positive.

He wasn't much of a character for me. I think it might be I needed more length, especially for the relationship part. I'm not fully buying it. Gareth seemed to be more grounded and Jules looks like he likes to have fun. I don't think they'll last forever but right now...they're good.

Decent in between read. Not really complicated. Trigger warning: Attempted rape.