I did it...I actually read the pairing that shall not be named to the end. taylorpotato has major swag points for life!

I Like You Quite A Lot (Everything You Got)  - taylorpotato

My last read for 2015 would be a TW fanfic.

But never in a gazillion years would it be this pairing:


(show spoiler)

It'd make sense for the show but I can't.

I seriously can't, dudes.

Like, I've walked away from prime smut in the past because if Scott's in the driver's seat...I'm out. He just doesn't do it for me. Not my kink at all.


Cupcake, the awesomest taylorpoato Stan around, rec'd it to me. So something has be in there that I'd like.

SPANKING, MANTIES, HUMILIATION SIZE KINK (SCORE!!!), AGE PLAY/ LITTLE, KNOTTING, FEMINIZATION and the one that made me able swallow this entire thing without spitting

DADDY KINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wise Cupcake is wise. And her review is also phenomenal.

Now I will admit, I pretended at first that Scott was another word for Derek in a new werwolfian language. This is one of the most intelligent Scotts Dereks I've ever read. But once Scott Derek was referred to Daddy, I was totally all in.

I really liked the aftercare. Daddy Scott Derek was the True Dad. Loved.

And one of my favorite things about taylorpotato's brilliant writing is that he takes the seeds of Stiles' characters and truly let them blossom in any damn story he writes. The tiniest little character flaws and taylorp breathes life into it.

Ugh, I'd totally watch TW if he was on board as a screenwriter.

It'd be hella trashy. But I like playing in his trash. A lot, if I read


(show spoiler)

and didn't barf on my screen.

A miracle.