Of course, I start getting into the Jizzmas spirit...AFTER Jizzmas. ;P

The Ugliest Sweater - Gillian St. Kevern

3.5 Stars--I needed a book to decompress from the mental fucking I received from the last book I read...I still didn't know how to review it either. *mutters & looks off*

Anyway, this was the perfect book for that.

This book, this Jizzmas book? It's not my go-to-book. But what sold me was the author's infectious video and reading from her book that I had to add it to my wish list. And I'm so happy that I did.

It's fucking adorable!

It features Dan and his clueless yet awesomely hideous and confident Jizzmas sweater wearing abilities. He is a fitness instructor with a banging body who seems to strike out in the love department for the last few Christmases. And Jake Boss (I kept reading it as Jake Bass - Freudian slip?) a radio DJ with a tongue piercing and a condition not everyone can handle.

What kind of condition?

He's one of those people.

Y'know a Christmaholic:

You might think what's so bad about that? (You might even be one of those Christmaholics. Look there's a case of gingerbread cookies behind you! *runs opposite direction*)

Well, Christmas paraphernalia really gets Jake' motor going. I'd rather you read the story than spoil this hilarious, cracky, slightly cheesy (but in a good way) experience.

It was cute, the semi-public sex scene gets two thumbs up for me. It had a stronger start and somewhere toward the end, it got slightly softer? I liked that Dan and Jake got to know one other after their first encounter and outside of the "celebrity".

Definitely readable if you're into Christmas loving romance. It's light and infectious.

Jake...this one's for you:

Popped a boner there, Jake? ;P

Bet ya did!

(show spoiler)

P.S. Thanks to my Jizzmas Unicorn!