Every time a BEAR gets his man, an angel gets a Tingle. ;P

Anthony & Leo - Sue  Brown
"You don't believe in personal space, do you?"
"I had my dick up your arse. I think we bypassed personal space a long time ago."

3.5 Stars--It's been awhile since I visited Frankie's Series but it was like greeting old friends once I got back into the groove. Sue Brown has a quality to her stories that I like. It's sort of comfort type reading?

Anyway, I was happy to read this because there was going to be an older sub main character, Tony! But I didn't remember he was a big ol' hairy bear.

Let's hear it for the BEARS!!

SRAL <3 you!

Tony was down in the dumps. He didn't have a Dom of his own. He thought no one wanted a slightly older, tall, grizzly as himself. He was mistaken as a dominant but he was 100% submissive. He lives in the lifestyle, works in a BDSM club as a barman (recently promoted as assistant manager) and everyone seems to be happy with a partner. So on a random day he meets Leo, who seems to be vanilla, which Tony isn't into.

Leo isn't into the scene. But he is a top and a dominant little fucker. Leo actually sells sex toys, it's a family business. LOL go figure. And the two seem to be a match made in heaven. They hook up. It's supposed to be a one off but Leo sees what he wants and takes it. And Tony finally has a man for his own in younger 24 year old, spazz Leo.

There was a speed bump or two in their relationship.

A misunderstanding mishap that gets resolved within the day

(show spoiler)

Also, there is off page gay bashing with secondary characters.

I liked both main characters and all the secondary characters. And if you're a potential reader afraid of the kink...it's so light. Just cuffs, minor D/s and a little flogging. I liked Leo being willing to be a Dom for his boy. And Tony getting his well deserved HEA.

Somethings were not as solid for me:

- The learning disabilities that both men had. What are the odds? And it was so briefly mentioned and nothing was done with it...*shrugs*

- The mother hens/well meaning friends all up in Tony's business. Marchant did not do all of that in his book to him. Though I liked this book's Ed.

- Eh, the mother hen stuff kinda effected some of the dialogue at times. Those times they didn't seem like grown men.

I'm rounding up only because I got a little emotional when Tony got...emotional. I didn't spring a leak but I was surprised. I wanted to hug him.

So this was short, sexy, sweet, and comforting with likable characters. I'm reading the next in the series, not just because I'm reviewing it and there is a ginger but I really enjoy there characters. :D

One more time for the BEARS! Howwwwwwwwlllllllllllll!!!!!