Rutledge...please continue to be a dick for all of time!

Just a Bit Twisted - Alessandra Hazard
"You have a bit of an oral fixation, Wyatt. You mouth is very sensitive. You like having your mouth full. You like being kissed. You like being fucked in the mouth."

Hm...where to start? Where to start?

Some DRANKS! Gotta get a little comfy.

Don't worry. This won't be too long since this is a very popular series and I'm fashionably on time as always.

Being as this has been read by lots and lots, no need to rehash much.

So...I devoured this.


- straight 20 year old college student Shawn Wyatt has the shittiest life - forever broke, orphaned, works 2 jobs, on the verge of losing his scholarship and has to raise twin 4 year old girls (his sisters)

-piece of shit, controlling wealthy gay professor genius Rutledge who prefers to emote with his thick eight inch erection inside straight boys (conversations are so last season)

And get this, the professor's first name is Derek.

A socially closed off asshole named Derek. Do you see why I might be slightly attracted predisposed to like the professor (who fits the book cover BTW). He's not classically handsome, the nose is long and he sneers. I think it's perfect.

I like assholes. I also like dicks. I like when they go together especially. They get together a lot on "Just a Bit Twisted".

Sometimes you want the believability. And sometimes the writing just hits that spot that you hit the level.

And I was swimming there.

From the first time Shawn dropped to his knees and took the D to the back of his throat with very minor hesitancy (y'know being "straight" and all).

Derek would tell Shawn to get on his knees and the blonde couldn't get there fast enough. *swoon*
Or suck that cock hard enough. *grunts*
Or drink those babies quick enough. *slurp*
Or when Derek and Shawn took their messy asses all over campus, just being blatant...just begging to be caught.

Just messy.


All I could think about are the bruises Rutledge would leave. Or the eight inches that would pound Shawn into stunned stupor (quality pounding BTW) and I truly gave a flying fuck.

Any time I would think: "this shit could NEVER happen in real life", Derek would whip that cock out or Shawn would make a needy sound and poof!

Because growly assholes who leave sexy marks on their partners during fuck times and are unable to show emotion like the normals make me happy.

So happy Derek remained an asshole throughout the entire story! Sometimes the author makes the dickwad hero wimp out when falling in "lurve". None of that crapola here!

And Rutledge didn't even say it! MOTHERFUCKING SCORE!!

(show spoiler)

This author has more to this series, so I'm taking it she has improved? She's far from bad, definitely in the guilty pleasure territory.

The strong suit are the fuck times, the main character's characteristics, the sexual tension. *shudder* The parts that were rough were the transitioning from scene to scene, ending in a odd spot. The 4 year, they weren't like 4 year olds I've been around but whatever...I kept ignoring them for the main guys. The story has moxie and she definitely can tell a story. Loved the way it ended even if it was a little rushed.

I know I'll return for more. Me likes the guilty pleasures.