How do you say awesome in merman?

Forbidden Waters - L.M. Brown
4.5 HEARTS--Well hello L.M. Brown! What a fabulous world and series you've created with Mermen & Magic!

This isn't my first time reading this author, most certainly will not be my last! Forbidden Waters had so much to hold my attention - mythology suspense, Atlantis(!), a love triangle, twists and turns, humor, magic and of course mermen! It was great!

You know what it reminded me of? Early Sherrilyn Kenyon back when her series wasn't super stretched out. (I'm sorry Kenyon fans - I've been there but until Savitar's book comes out, I'm not going back there.) Kenyon had hot characters, great back story and plot mixed in with world building and light snark.  L.M. Brown does this but she went to the ocean with her series and travels to England know gay mermen. Plus, subplots that actually make sense. I recently got burned by a urban fantasy book that was dragged out for no reason. Not the case, in Forbidden Waters.

Kyle is the sudden leader apparent of his nomadic merfolk clan. He is openly gay but can only seek sanctuary in the homophobic Atlantis. He has to hide who he is but that proves to be hard for the happy bottom when he catches Prince Finn's eye. The two can't deny their passion and don't try to hide or fight it. But the author makes merman anatomy cool with heats and only being able to have sex in human form. This factors into some other twists and turns. Kyle and Finn fall for one another but this is a menage book, so things are put on ice on the mermen/merman love front.

As the blurb states, Kyle is banished from Atlantis and ends up in England where he meets human, Jake Seabrook. They both have wounds to heal and they comfort each other. And while this story does have sex and hot moments, the world building, is key to moving the plot along.

How the three men come together is pretty cool. And I expected it to be a sweet little HEA once they all agreed together but nope. There are gods and goddesses and so much more! You know my mythology geek self was all over this! Plus, I really enjoyed the way the author broke down each section of the book.

And get this...the triad, Jake, Finn and Kyle, they do this newfangled invention where they open their mouths and not just put penises inside. They SPOKE to one another. They actually talked before making decisions. And if they made a mistake, well by golly, they discussed that too and learned from it. WTF?! A relationship is hard work with just two people, three or more can be chaos but when all hands are on deck (horrible water pun I know), it can be work. And this throuple definitely are putting in the work.

Now this story does have a few minor hiccups (spoilerish):

- The virgin is penetratively deflowered off page. WTF?! That's the money shot!! No, no, no! Don't tease me in such a way. I wanted to read that scene and savor.
- Kyle/Finn - their side of the triangle - I think there should been another scene with just the two of them after all three men met each other. Something to maybe to not make it seem like it was Jake/Kyle more.
- The trident power thing? What's up with that? It kind of fell off after Atlantis use. There seemed to be something there. Is it tied to the throuple?
- Two out of the three visits Medina. Why not a scene with each man? The last 15-20% got a little rushed comparing to the rest of the novel.

Despite my minor issues, I can only really knock off 1/2 a heart from my entire rating. It was that good for me. The story really kicks ass. Major ass. So much so, I'm all over the next in the series. I have so many things I want for the next book. The biggest being: CASPIAN. Please, please, tell me he's getting a book. I don't even know anything about him. I have a theory about the sort of crass, sort of tight lipped, snarky...magical man but...I'm not telling.

Loved this book. Wished I read this earlier but so happy I came upon this now. Because I'm all over this mermen/mythology tale!

A copy provided for an honest review.