I'm in serious book withdrawal. Ugh. LOVED THIS!

Out of the Blues - Mercy Celeste
"I think I found him broken and his broken called out to my broken and that's why I fell for him."

Mercy Celeste fans. This was like old school MC.

But better in a way.

The emotions, the characters, the plot...it flowed.

Because--I think I might end up gushing in this review. Forgive me. Or don't. Whatever. Fuck it.

Okay, real talk. I adore Mercy Celeste's words. But I'm not one to blow smoke up an author's ass just because I like their words. And sometimes an author can have the right characters, the right setting, but something just throws it off, yeah? Maybe the pacing or they try too hard with trying to pull out the tricks and ruin the effect.

Not the case for me in "Out of the Blues".

Perfect? Nope. But it's perfect for Kilby and Mason. And I could read about Kilby and Mason alllllllllllllllllll day.

Are there typos? Yep. But if I worried about the typos more than the story...I'm not feeling the magic. And I was swept in the magic. I still am and feel I will be in book hangover something fierce. *pouts*

Have I mentioned I already added it to my 2015 faves midway in? I already fucking knew.

There are things that I might nitpick in another story - the pacing of how Kilby & Mason fell for one another but the level of their broken and how much they shared for those handful of days. It felt like months, damnit. Yes, it can be claimed as insta-love but it didn't read like it. Mercy Celeste can weave a tale, it's her talent.

And this wasn't as heavy in the angst and drama department as say...Beyond Complicated or Let It Go because, holy shit, those were a doozy and a half. They were the Sasha Fierce to Out of the Blues's Beyonce singing "Halo". If you don't know the difference well...I can't help you.

"Out of the Blues" is about poor little rich boy Mason Foxworth. He's young, not really sure of his place in the world other than being straight and having a dysfunctional family. His mother is an ex-model (and doesn't deserve the title mother), his sister and twin, Harper is getting married in the only place their nomadic childhood remained for a period of years: Georgia.

He's running from his demons and finally has to own up to them back at home. But what he doesn't expect to find is gay and sort of in the closet, older, tattooed & muscled, ex-Marine farm boy Kilby Adams...


(show spoiler)

The two spark from the moment they interact and through a mishap have to share a hotel room.

This is a Mercy Celste novel so you know how this is going to end up:

Bed Pounding, 'I'm Not Gay, But Maybe My Dick Is' Kind Of Bareback Action!'

It's all about that connection. Damn, was it good. I'm still purring.

The cast of characters were great support. I enjoyed them all, even the the one who loomed like a specter of Christmas Past, Cody. And the plot twists because again, this is MC, so the last 25-30% are going to grab you by the short hairs. I was surprised at some of the twists but and it might have touched that suspension bridge to reality once or twice in the last 10% before the last chapter.

Alright, alright, alright.

I can't say it was added for dramatics sake. It worked. It truly all worked for me.

I adored Mason with his snark, man bun, pretty face and damaged soul. And I loved Kilby. Because he saw everything. He saw Mason most importantly as a man. I think they'll last forever and ever.

One of Celeste's best in my opinion.

So I'm rounding up and just giving it the rating I think it deserves.