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The Bear's True Mate - Elizabeth Monvey
  A Hearts On Fire Review

2.5 HEARTS--Oh dear.

You know those cheesy Lifetime movies? If you've never been so lucky to experience one, let me help you out. They're movies where the plot is pretty basic and the twist can be seen a galaxy away. The actors are bad, you wonder how'd they even get the job. And yet you can't seem to stop watching. The entire thing is a train wreck.

"The Bear's True Mate" was one of those movies for me in a book.

It had me squinting my eyes. Heck, I'm squinting my eyes in disdain right now as I type. Because the characters were one dimensional. And any time it seemed like there was a hint of depth or character peeking through, the cheesiness just flattened it over again.

When bear shifter Ajay meets his true mate, fellow bear shifter Henry McShane, while working at a supermarket, his bear recognizes his mate. They flirt, have mere kisses only and get to know one another. The feelings seem mutual (the reader is only told through flashbacks). But Henry has a secret- a wife. They separate once it comes to light. Cut to months late, and Ajay is being saved by Henry from a secret scientific experiment.

The what, why and how come is shaky and gets shakier because the world building is very basic. The author seems to worry more about setting up for the future couples then developing the main characters. Ajay is hurt but it's okay because sex will save the day. *smh* Instead of character growth...buttsex. :/

I am one of those readers who don't mind the miscommunication plots. But this was sloppy. Besides the telling, there was "I am mad at you for a past hurt BUT I don't want to talk about it now. And we can't talk about it at all. but let's screw plot device." It was slightly frustrating.

There was possessive sex. But I didn't really care for either main character. And the villain. *heavy sigh* What was her purpose? Every one just called her a bitch, she was evil without a purpose and one dimensional. Just disappointing. And when the final showdown happened, it just a total rushed and bland moment.

If you don't mind quick paranormal romances where anyone can be the characters, barely any world building, then you might like this.

It's not my first time reading this author but my first time reading paranormal from her. I doubt I'll read more of this series but you never know, those cheesy Lifetime movies might catch you on the right day, at the right time. *shrugs*

This story isn't memorable though, it had decent ideas.