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Shawn and Dale's Story (Virginal Delights Book 1) - Cooper Fox

A Hearts On Fire Review

2.5 HEARTS--If you plan on reading Shawn & Dale's Story, book #1 of the Virginal Delights series by new author Cooper Fox, know that it is PWP with a HFN-ish end.

21 year old Shawn is a bi-curious butt virgin (he's had sex with girls but he's repeated how it was yucky for him) and stuck in Pahrump, Nevada thanks to a stalled car. He was on his way to L.A. and is strapped for cash. He answers an ad for a local brothel that is seeking bi-curious men for quick cash.

He gets the job. Obvs.

Now, being as this is PWP, not only should your fapping hand be brought to the table but so should that rubber band. You know the one to stretch reality. Maybe there will be questions floating around based on the story's premise, maybe not. Because I found myself reading this and tilting my head a lot during most of the read and it's a short length.

It's very clear this is a first time author. But the awkwardness can improve over time. Also, this story read like porn and amateur porn at that with lines like: "I'm going to breed you so deep." And flowery descriptors like "tight canal".

Okay, side note. Let's be very honest here. During sex, do you want your partner(s) referring to any part of your body as a "tight canal" as they or you're pounding it in?


Think about it.

I don't think gondoliers even think tight canal word use is sexy. *smh*

Then we get to Dale, the super sexy lawyer who pays for virgins to bone at the brothel. He and Shawn have an awkward beginning that at first was hot. I got contact awkward or something at the first blowjob, it was hot. Then the story sadly tried too hard. The flowery descriptors vs. the tumblr porn dialogue clashed for me.

There were instances where the story read slightly organic under the repetition and then the cheesy porno talk started. (And I love a good "breed" used right but it didn't fit the scene in the least) Or the shallowness came into play.

"I know you're of legal age, but exactly how old are you?"
"God. I feel like an old perv now. I'm twenty-six."

Twenty-six is old?
Damn, should I start paying down for an old folks home?

Was the story hot? Debatable. *raises eyebrow*

The fantasy of the premise was okay. The beginning was stronger than the end. The penetrative sex Breeding and canals kinda made it lackluster. The story might appeal for some, if you're not looking for anything too deep. There is a reason why there is tumblr porn. ;)