Because KNOTTING is always on trend, trust me, I'm a specialist. *wink*

Ezekiah - Lisa Henry

I can solidly add shifters to my Lisa Henry list. I enjoy her shifters. I'm finally seeing what everyone else is talking about. :) One day, her published works might finally take with me. But her free stuff rocks!


You read the prompt? All the prompts were hot but I had faves...this was one of them. Because? KNOTTING!

I love shifters but A/B/O dynamics?

I want to claim it for all to see. Mmmhmm alpha cock KNOTTING omega dripping ass?

(show spoiler)

Wait. Wait. Getting ahead of myself.

19 year old Omega Ezekiah is in hiding in San Francisco. Abused by his pack and thought of being lesser just by being omega, Ezekiah ran away at 16 from Oregon to the big city and kept to himself. He's fearful though. He's afraid of his submissive nature, of being treated as a "slut mutt" and "knot whore" and "rape bait". He's more than a willing hot hole, driven by his nature to submit. And he has survived on his own for three years without getting any other alpha's notice until being suffering from the after effects from his heat.

Then he meets an alpha who wants to KNOT dat ass. And my Spidey smutty senses were tingling:

Because KNOTTING. But no. Not at first at least.

Sex happened but it wasn't about the sex, at first. It was about Kiah being recognized by his new alpha Parker as more than a hole to fuck and suck. Parker wanted to dominate and expected automatic submission because that is all he expected from an omega.

But the magic of the story (for me) was Parker realizing the gift he had in Kiah's submission. He learned to treasure and respect it. So when the sex finally happened (in more detail), it was within a shared bond.

Oh and when that KNOTTING happened...

“I want you to split me apart on your knot.”

(You think I'm writing a shifter review without using a Stiles gif? Not likely.)

And I didn't even switch names to Derek & Stiles while reading. Mostly. Okay I did in the beginning. :P

There was an interesting backstory with Parker's pack and how he became an alpha. I liked the twist toward the end. I liked the postcard thing but I wished there was maybe a little showdown or something from whoever that was because 3 years of watching and not acting and then you send the postcard only? It's explained mostly but I like revenge/injustice mete out. What can I say, I'm a little bloodlusty. *shrugs*

I loved the D/s. Enjoyed Kiah as a character and enjoyed the HEA.

My thanks to the author and the team behind this wonderful event!

Part of the BDSM Group's Inaugural "BRING OUT YOUR KINK - Bound by Ink" event: group members can find the story here