The Best Man: Part Three - Lola Carson
  Directly after reading: Brain melted.

Little SRAL gives this a big stamp of approval. Too busy trying to sweet talk this story for another grope to review.

Maybe later.


After a few hours: Okay, I've regrouped.

Well hello, Lola Carson!

You've meltedfuckedteased the shit outta me. And I liked it.
I got cheating AND it still wasn't messy!

1) This is no longer a serial. It's all one book: The Best Man

2) There is cheating
but it's not until the final 20% or so
(show spoiler)

3) The sexual tension...*bites lip*

No tawdry, seedy hookups here...though I was hoping. I was pressed so hard against this serial, it should have popped wood.

Long story short: there's this 23 year old twink (isn't there always?) Noah, who is marrying some should've stayed in the hook-up category dude (Connor). They've only known each other for 6 months but in those months, they still don't know each other. Connor's BFF, the Irish Patrick swaggers in and takes one look at Noah and worlds collide. The passion that has been missing from his relationship is there.


He's every thing Connor is not. Connor has a shitload of money but he doesn't take the time to get to know who he plans to marry.

Patrick does.

I'd sop him up with a biscuit.


Um...the story is hot. There were a couple typos here and there but who cares? I didn't read for a spelling bee.

I came here for cheating, some messiness and a HEA.

I got all of that AND I actually believe this couple will last.