Jerk Duck, you're a jerk. Go home!

Jerk Duck - Holly Berkley, Keith Berkley

This book is 5 minutes of fun! WITH PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!! It's about that asshole, Jerk Duck. He's the one who ruins your day. He's that annoying guy at your kid's soccer game, screaming at the sidelines. He's the annoying jerk at the office who NEVER shuts the FUCK up. Trust me, you know this guy. And if you don't...maybe YOU are this guy. Either way, I had a giggly time reading some of the scenarios. Like this: "Jerk Duck pees in the pool."

Disgusting. But you know that jerk.

Or this:

"Jerk Duck is the guy who regulates the industry responsible for ensuring hot dogs come 8 to a pack while hot dog buns come 10 to a pack."

You know what? Fuck that guy!

Jerk Duck, you might win this round but we shall meet again!