Pirates, genies and aftercare, oh my!! All my favorite things (of course)

Burn For Me - Ann   Anderson

My prompt!! Excuse me as I squee!!! SQUEE!!!!!!!!!

“I know of genies, of their need for a master, but none have a need quite like yours, do they?” There was no pause as he continued, “No, none like you. Fire trapped inside a cage, needing someone to release you and let you burn.”

A gasp, a hiccup, and Salai shuddered, his mind a wreck as his master’s will stroked over his core, far gentler a caress than Salai had ever encountered.

“Will you burn for me?”

This story had a lot of my favorite things. Not only did it stick to the prompt but there were little things that made me smile and coo while reading. *cough*a certain piercing and a well placed "Mine"*cough* I'm going to say thank you to Ann Anderson, my prompt was a little tricky. I've wanted to read a genie MM for an entire year. (Yes, I've been sitting on this prompt idea since last year)

And I threw in pirates (of course).
And I wanted D/s (of course).

I enjoy many aspects of D/s but I really enjoy a good aftercare scene and I think "Burn For Me" delivered some good ones. It was sweet erotica. Salai, the crimson haired genie who had yucky masters in the past finally found a Master of his own in pirate captain, Laren. Laren was a puzzle but I liked his motives and his kink. *growls*
But the story was all about Salai. I mean c'mon look at him:

He's delicious. I loved that he wasn't a pushover and had some moves to fight when necessary, be it with his magic or a sword. I do love a good sword fight. I also liked that he was mouthy. The snappy ones always win in my book.

Was the story perfect? No but the key point is it stuck to the prompt. I believe the beginning was stronger than the ending - it read a little rushed. But overall I enjoyed it (Might be a little biased since it's my prompt but I thought it was a fun ride)

Things I loved:

The character names - Salai and Laren - super dope. Plus Salai has a cool meaning (little devil) that totally ties in with that picture.

The genie history - I like the introduction of genie society given. They're tied to their bottles. The rules for wishes, they have family, etc.


Laren's secrets - Okay look at him:

Imagine getting to have that pounding into you and sucking you all over. And he hides a yummy little secret on his person. *hint hint* And hidden talent too.

I wouldn't have minded learning more of his back story, but I am greedy like that when it comes to pirates.

The sex: Whoo boy...they didn't really have to worry about talking now did they? Paddling, slapping, butt plugs, cock rings, bondage, dildos...*happy sigh* *twirls*

Areas that didn't read as strong:

The magic secret Salai and his sister had - I'm still a little confused as to what it was. It read like the same bond introduced in the beginning.

The plot twist - I thought the idea was super cool but I wish there were more instances of the villain showing up. I think it read too subtle to give enough power to the Ah-ha moment. Plus, Salai never called the villain by his true name. He talked about fear but if maybe a little more exploration into what the villain did to make him a monster was given, it might've had a stronger impact.

Secondary characters namely Fin - Why was his relation supposed to be a secret? Why would it be a big deal to the crew? I do enjoy character types like him but something about him...I can't truly pinpoint why he fell flat. Maybe if he was delved into more? I don't know.

The world building/pirating - The story is from Salai's POV and he's mostly in the captain's cabin. The pirating happens outside - don't know how Laren became captain, why he invokes fear in his men, what they fought when they did fight. I mean for the most part Laren was busy keeping that hole of Salai's occupied...what happened to the pirating? The story focused more on the main characters (which I'm not knocking because hello, look at them!) but a little world building - maybe giving Salai's sister a name or a description of the world they lived in would've been cool.

Overall, I though it was great story. I was entertained more by Salai and Laren in the cabin. I liked the way they played, the way Laren read Salai's needs.

I'll be greedy and say I wish there was more and that I'd get to revisit this world again in the future. Maybe one of Salai's brothers and another being? Or maybe even Fin?

I've read this author's work before. I really enjoy her ideas though she has a tendency to make me want more for her stories.

The story: 4 stars
The main characters: 5 stars (I'm here for Salai)

Averaged ~ 4.5

A big thank you to the author (again) and thanks to the team behind this story!